Our Safety Policy

Over our 33 years of work in the construction industry, we’ve seen it all! Accidents happen fast, and, more often than not, they occur because of a lack of focus and not following the proper steps of a job. And every job presents its own set of obstacles!

Everyone Gargiulo Construction places on a site knows their responsibilities and are constantly aware of their surroundings. Preparing for a job is a part of the job!

Of course, OSHA has their standards, and we take them very seriously. But, we have our standards, too, and we have a higher threshold for what we consider safe. Everyone at Gargiulo is family, and we care for their safety as we would for our family members. That’s why we’ve earned the “Platinum Safety Award” multiple times from our insurance carriers. And it’s why our family of contractors trust us to keep their workers safe as well.

If at any time we have safety concerns at the workplace, we will communicate them to our contractors and find the correct, efficient, competent way to keep the job moving forward… Safely!


  • OSHA 10
  • Hazwoper 24
  • Grinding & Polish
  • LULL Operator
  • ACI